Julia Klesse
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You want to finally reach your desired weight, the fascia topic has interested you for a long time but you lack the know-how? you want to offer a wellness seminar but you are missing a  yoga teacher? Then you are exactly right with Julia klesse

The trained fitness instructor, yoga teacher and personal trainer knows what matters. With a lot of knowledge, patience and motivation, Julia also pushes you towards your feel-good body. Whether it is about weight loss, muscle growth, reduction of tension or increase in general fitness.

Make an appointment right now whether in person as a personal training, as a workshop for your team or as an online advising via the screen everything is possible


Specialization in the following fitness concepts:

  • Yoga (trained in Calcutta, India)
  • HOT IRON tm (Ifhias Institute)
  • deepWORK (by Robert Steinbacher)
  • Functional Training
  • Facial training with and without ball and black roll
  •  Indoor cycling (ICG)
  • Acqua Fitness
  • Xco shape / walking
  • PMR
  • Pilates
  • WOGA Yoga on Water by Julie (for more inforamtion check Folder WOGA)

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