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WOGA Yoga on Water

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Up for something new? 

If yes i could love to present you WOGA, a completely new course in to activate your sendes

You love yoga, the beach and the sea, ? Then I have a great new challenge for you: Time for you: Enjoy a very special yoga class at the sea, surrounded by all the elements, away from the hustle and stress. Enjoy a truly unique experience.

WOGA was founded in 2014 in Puglia, Italy and at the end of November "WOGA Yoga on water by Julie" is officially registered in germany.

The WOGA  course takes place on the SUP (Stand up Paddle) on the sea, usually at sunset.
It gives you a completely new feeling for your body and the nature.

I offer a - especially for beginners tuned Woga hour with about 10 minutes of welcome, introduction and paddling out to sea. 45 minutes of pure yoga practice time (total 19 asanas,)
5 minutes paddling back on land, drinking, dry, farewell.

As well as a slightly more advanced WOGA lesson for already practicing WOGIS with over 25 asanas on the water.  Where is the next WOGA Session ? Ask for an Appointement right now. Or book your WOGA Event in your city.


Find your balance do WOGA